Xì gà Ramon Allones Specially Selected

Không được nổi tiếng như nhiều thương hiệu xì gà Cuba khác,  Xì gà Ramon Allones là thương hiệu Cuba ít được biết đến nhưng lại rất có duyên với những giải thưởng xì gà danh giá. Xì Gà Ngon giới thiệu các bạn bài đánh giá xì gà Ramon Allones Specially Selected, một trong những loại xì gà nổi tiếng nhất thế giới của thương hiệu Ramon Allones.

Giới thiệu xì gà Ramon Allones Specially Selected

Thương hiệu Ramon Allones, Cuba
Hộp gỗ 25 điếu
Chiều dài 124mm
Đường kính 19,9mm
Vòng đo 50
Hình dáng Robusto
Mùi Vị Trái cây, gia vị, ngọt ngào, tuyết tùng
Độ mạnh mạnh
Đánh Giá rất tốt 93/100
Thời gian hút 55-75 phút

I have not met an aficionado who has not praised this Robusto. It is strong, excitingly spicy and packed with explosive nervous character, rather like a young stallion. Equally appreciable during the day or with a meal, this Ramón Allones will impress you with its build, its smoothness and its ripe fullness on the palate and the nose. Smoking this cigar is a ‘real’ holistic experience. I recommends this cigar!

As of late, I had taken a bit of a break in reviewing some of the vast array of offerings that had recently hit the market. I even went as far as to branch off into some of the supposed finer Dominican and Nicaraguan sticks that were more readily available in my homeland. I had reviewed a Davidoff Chateau Margaux 1986 this past spring—a delightfully orgasmic Cuban smoke – here on Cigar Inspector and thought that there were no further mountains to climb, nor seas to sail; as that smoke was as technically perfect as they come –bar none.

Xì gà Ramon Allones Specially Selected

Oh, how I was wrong… DEAD WRONG. I had reviewed the Ramon Allones 225th Anniversary stick here last fall, and proceeded to drain my favorite tobacconist’s stock of every box he could get his hands on. It would appear that I now have a new target in my sights to scarf up—-evil grin—-. Before I get into the meat of the review, I want to disclose that I tried every trick I knew to get this smoke to fail. I tried to light it unevenly, smoke it too fast, smoke it too slow, clip it incorrectly, and even let it douse itself and then relit it multiple times. Nothing I did caused this stick to fail—NOTHING. This is going to be a glowing review. This manufacturer has garnered very little notoriety and respect in our hobby, and I certainly hope that changes. They have earned it in my book. Read on, and you’ll see why.

Giới thiệu xì gà Ramon Allones Specially Selected

Appearance :
From the first stick to the 50th, the Ramon Allones Specially Selected was consistent in size, shape, density, appearance and construction. Each delectable morsel was perfectly wrapped and capped. There was no blooming, no discoloration, no noticeable spines and the wrapper seams were flawless with perfect oiling to bind the smoke together.

Construction :
The RASS had ZERO construction issues. Burn was consistent with every stick, with no need to correct the burn and ZERO wrapper separation. Lighting was easy with an easily unnoticed extremely slight restricted draw. The stick was of such a perfect density throughout, that enjoyment of the plumes of smoke this stick exuded was just as pleasant at the light as it was at the butt. Many robustos become relatively unsmokeable by the ring, but not this one. Slip off the ring and enjoy it to the nub.

Flavor :
Typical earthy and nutty notes persist through all thirds of the smoke, with hints of chocolate/espresso, marzipan, citrus and cedar peeking in and out as the stick burns. Do yourself a favor and take the time to burn this one slowly. It could easily turn into a 60-75 minute smoke even with its smaller vitola, but patience reaps rewards only limited by one’s imagination and one’s willingness to sit back and enjoy the ride. Don’t pair this with anything. Enjoy it on its own and you will get the same notes I did, without THINKING about spitting out bitterness or washing out your palate. You will not need to.

Value :
The price point on this 50-stick cabinet will set you back a little over $10US per cigar (including shipping and exchange rate charges on your credit card). It is somewhat lofty, but when compared to its 225th Anniversary cousin, you still get a LOT more tobacco to enjoy for HALF the price. A no-brainer.

Overall Rating :
Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever find a technically and aesthetically perfect cigar, much less 2 in one year. Whether you pick up a couple of singles and set them back, or buy the whole box— find them and buy them—PERIOD.
Life is good :O)

Xì gà ngon – Xì gà Ramon Allones Specially Selected

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