Xì gà Cohiba Exquisitos

Xì gà Cuba nổi tiếng trên toàn thế giới. Xì gà Cohiba lại là thương hiệu sáng chói tiên phong của xì gà Cuba. Xì Gà Ngon xin được chia sẻ với các bạn bài đánh giá, giới thiệu về một trong những loại nổi tiếng này, xì gà Cohiba Exquisitos.

Giới thiệu xì gà cohiba Exquisitos

Length 4.9 inches (125mm)
Ring Gauge 36
Factory Shape Seoane
Strength Medium – Full

Xì gà Cohiba Exquisitos

Xì gà Cohiba Exquisitos

Đánh giá xì gà cohiba Exquisitos

Construction: Few deformations, quite a smooth, rich, reddish brown wrapper with an oily sheen. Even throughout with no hard or soft spots. A well rolled cigar (almost a cigaritto).

Pre-smoke: Very nice aroma, load a box of these into your humidor and, like with most other Cohiba cigars, you will be greeted with a beautiful aroma each time you open it. Aroma is soft and woody with a hint of roasted coffee bean; not very rich and strong but nice, though a little tart. This cigar cut well, no problems with un-ravelling or ripping. Lit fine, did not start “tunneling” or “canoeing” at all (even burn throughout in fact) and the draw was fairly easy.

Smoking: Smoking this cigar you are pleasantly surprised by it’s smooth yet spicy flavour (though a touch of tartness when young). The coctail of flavours is not very complex, obviousely due to its small ring guage, but they are not too bad all the same. Flavours of cedar wood, roasted coffee bean and suint flood the palett at first, with a hint of liquorice and cocoa later on (mainly with a little age). This is a medium flavour and a light-medium body (not really earthy or leathery, more soft, woody and a hint of sweetness). Does not overpower the senses at all. This cigar becomes more spicey as you smoke it, but it does not become too hot near the end. I have smoked some larger cigars such as the H. Upmann Corona Major which burn the palett almost from the start, so I must give this little Habano it’s due. On the other hand, it never really has the chance to get going as it is gone within 30 minutes of lighting up. As you smoke this cigar you are enticed by the flavour, but you keep wishing that it was larger and was able to display more complexity.

Conclusion: A good, and usually consistent Habano, but sometimes you will wish it was something larger. However this is perfect for after a nice lunch with a cup of coffee; if that is what you want, this is pretty much perfect. These are quite good straight from the tobacconist humidor, but with 6 months to a year aging these can burn a little better with a slight improvement in flavour; they become a touch smoother and less tart with more liquorice hints, lovely, but still not as good as a larger Cohiba like the Siglo VI of course. Score 7/10

Xì gà ngon – Xì gà Cohiba exquisitos

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